Album: A Curse (2012)

Song: The Looser

Bitrate: 128kbps

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A death metal band and the core of Gorontalo bersubgenre formed in mid 2009. The band was formed initially introduced in Gorontalo posthardcore music but over time even this band changed subgenrenya be deathcore and deathcore music was much enjoyed by the young musicians in metal today. Band From hell to heaven or often greeted fhth have often change-change personnel, but even so the band was still working as it forms a band should be able to work in creating the song. Name from hell to heaven itself is taken from the story of a spirited man who collapsed in the dark demons of hell after he straightened his way to get to this surga.Band terinfluens of deathcore bands like bring me the horizon, suicide silence, chelsea grin, bleed from within, the agonist and so on.
The personnel of this band is:
Adezta : Vocal
Bhey : Bass
Awang : Drum
Emhan : Guitar
Erick : Guitar
Contact Person : 085255208543 (Awang)